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Bringing you health straight from Nature

“swasthasya swasthya rakshanam, aathurasya vikara prashamanam”. The aim of Ayurveda is to maintain health & to regain health of a diseased.

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Sri Krishna Pharmacy

Straight from Nature

Our state-of-the-art facility in Thiruvananthapuram combines our ancestral knowledge of Ayurvedic treatments and medicines with the latest manufacturing technology to produce our specialized products. These products are made with organic herbal ingredients using our ancient ‘Thaliola’ formulas and bring the best of Ayurveda to our customers.

Sri Krishna Pharmacy

”ayu: kamayamanena dharmarthasukhasadhanam
ayurvedopadesheshu vidheya: paramadara: ”— a person desirous of long life which is the means for achieving righteousness, wealth & happiness should repose utmost faith in the teachings of Ayurveda.

What we offer

The combination of nature and science.

Medicine Production

We in Sri Krishna Pharmacy follows the standardized Medicine Manufacturing Methods proclaimed by the Ministry of AYUSH in India.However 600 medicinal plant products,52 minerals & 50 Animal products are commonly used in Ayurveda . Before the production of any of the formulations whether Classical or Patent ,we make sure that the commercial manufacturing licence is cleared from the competent authority (State Drug Controlling Authority).


If your mind, body and soul needs to be awakened and you deserve to take some time off for your mental health, spend a weekend at our family run Ayurvedic clinic, Agastyaa Heritage Ayurvedic Centre. Your trip to this clinic will leave you spell bound and overwhelmed. Our services range from individual treatments to complete cures. Each treatment is tailored to your personal needs and follows a holistic approach, which also includes diet and medications.

Our Outlets

Our products are made with organic herbal ingredients using our ancient ‘Thaliola’ formulas and bring the best of Ayurveda to our customers. Our medicines are available mainly in two of our Outlets

Krishna Ayurvedics ,Pulimoodu, Thiruvananthapuram-695001, Kerala Ph.No:9895466744

Madhav Ayurvedics ,Dhanya Remya Theatre Road, Kunnumpuram ,Thiruvananthapuram-695001, Kerala Ph.No:0471-2461498

Priya Ramachandran – Medohara Sookshma Choornam
“Being affected by Malaria had reduced my RBC count. My doctor had then prescribed the Medhodhara Sookshma Choornam along with changes in my diet. The result was extremely positive. The choornam not only took care of my Anaemia it also helped me keep my sugar levels under control.”
Lekshmi Nair – Brihaspati Haircare Oil
“The Brihaspati Haircare Oil really came as a life saver for me. My hair had been falling so much, that it was embarrassing. But ever since I started using this oil, not only has my hair fall reduced, but my split ends also disappeared. Moreover, my hair has also been growing back well. I’m really happy with this product.”
Sandhya Varghese – Nalpamaradi Keram
“Being a sports person, I often spend long hours in the sun, which has led me to become very tanned. My aunt, an Ayurvedic doctor, prescribed the Nalpamaradi Oil to me. Not only has it helped reduce my skin tan, but it also god rid of my acne issues. I’m really pleased with the product.”
Indira Sharma – Krishna Special Hair care Oil
“The oil was very effective. My dandruff all but disappeared and the hair I had been losing grew back. I’m very thankful to the Sri Krishna Pharmacy and their Krishna Special Haircare Oil for giving me my long lustrous hair back.”
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Parvathi Radhakrishnan - Raktachandanadi Lepa Choornam
“I am a model and the continuous use of makeup required in my job had left my skin in a bad state. It was then that I came across the Raktachandanadi Lepa Choornam from Sri Krishna Pharmacy. It worked inside out to bring me clear, radiant skin.”
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Krishna Vasudev - Ashwagandha Choornam
“I was under severe stress from work and it was affecting my health negatively. That’s when I was prescribed the Aswagandha Choornam and it made such a difference. I had to make a few lifestyle changes as well, but the medicine really helped me relax and sleep better and reduce my work-related anxiety.”
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Ramesh Balakrishanan – Nishakathakadi Sookshma Choornam
“My father was diabetic, so I knew there was a very high possibility of me being diagnosed with the same. A doctor recommended the NishakathakadiSookshma Choornam to me, saying that it reduces the symptoms of diabetes such as excessive sweating, thirst, fatigue, etc., and helps maintain normal blood glucose levels. She was right. With it, I’ve been able to control my glucose levels.”
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DevayaniIyer - DevadaruBaladiThailam
“In my old age I started having severe arthritis and stiffness in my joints. I was prescribed the Devadaru Baladi Thailam and it has been a blessing. Applying it daily has helped relieve my arthritis and eased the stiffness in my joints and even my back pain.”
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Aarthi Krishna - Kumkumadi Thailam
“The Kumkumadi Thailam from the Sri Krishna Pharmacy was excellent against my acne outbreak. I had a rather severe case of it and my face was covered with scars from all the pimples I had popped. The thailam was great at removing those scars and even helped prevent another outbreak.”
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