Devadarubaladi Thailam


Devadarubaladi Thailam


Indications :

  • Arthritis
  • Pain & Stiffness of joints

Dosage :

For External Use Only

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An ancient form of medication that has been dealing with the various aspects of human life is known as Ayurveda. It helps to heal the body and the mind. This ancient science that is around 5000 years old still withstands the face of time and is one of the most effective and safe ways to treat various health ailments.

In recent years, it has gained immense popularity over the globe due to the minimum side effects and maximum advantages. You can find various formulations of Ayurveda, especially the therapies and oil massages that have spread like fire worldwide due to its magic of fast healing.

There is nothing more blissful than those soothing massages at the end of a tiring day. It is a valuable weapon that wipes away back pain and joint pain. Various researches show that Devadarubaladi Thailam is one of the best ayurvedic medicines for back pain which especially helps to normalize the Vata dosha. It comes in the form of poly-herbal ayurvedic massage oils prepared from Devadaru, Bala, Rasna, and Jatamansi

Devadarubaladi Thailam works wonders in removing the pain and in calming the body down. The anti-bacterial properties and the wound healing properties work wonderfully by reconciling wounds and fighting against various infections. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is a topical analgesic that makes it perfect for treating inflammations and body aches.

Benefits of Using Devadarubaladi Thailam

For Treating arthritis

Arthritis is a severe condition that most people worldwide seem to undergo at a certain age. It weakens the joints and bones and generally occurs in old age. The Thailam powerfully combats the bones’ painful ailments and is one of the best ayurvedic medicines for joint pain.

Gently massaging with this oil helps relieve pain and joint tenderness and helps treat inflammation in these patients. This oil is best suited for your arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Benefits of The Various Ingredients Used in Devadarubaladi Thailam

There are several benefits associated with this magical creation. Let us look at them one by one.

The various ingredients used in the medicine have unique properties that help cure different ailments, especially those related to backaches and joint pains. The oil helps reduce pain and inflammation of joints and muscles and also helps to heal wounds quickly and effectively. It has antiseptic, antifungal, and anti-parasitic properties.

The main ingredient in the medicine is Devadaru, also referred to as Himalayan Cedar, has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and hypoglycemic properties, which help reduce pain and swelling in the joints and also balances the Kapha and Vata dosha.

Bala, also referred to as Country Mallow, has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidizing properties that help manage rheumatism symptoms like joint pain and swelling. It reduces pain and inflammation of joints and muscles and also provides strength to the body (bala = that has strength).

The dried ginger available in the medicine helps treat conditions like osteoarthritis with its anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve pain and improve the joint’s functioning. These work like COX-2 inhibitors that help to treat joint arthritis. The hot potency of ginger also helps to balance the Kapha and remove edema.

Rasna, also referred to as Alpinia galanga, is beneficial for managing arthritis because of its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It reduces inflammation and joint pain and also helps to cure the Vata dosha.

Mustard (Brassica juncea) due to its hot potency aids in the faster healing of arthritis, foot ache, lumbago and rheumatism.

Sesame Oil, a traditional choice in abhyanga, is rich in linoleic acid and has anti-bacterial and anti-oxidizing properties that help to soothe the Vata and nourish and prevent the skin from becoming excessively dry.

Side Effects of Devadarubaladi Thailam

There are no known side effects of this natural ayurvedic oil, and it is only recommended for external use. Oral consumption of the product may lead to severe side effects.