Nishakathakadi Kashayam

Nishakathakadi Kashayam


Indication :

  • Maintains Normal Blood sugar levels in Pre-diabetes & diabetes
  • Diabetic Neuritis

Dosage :

  • 15 ml twice daily with 4 times of Luke warm water or as directed by the physician.

Reference Text :

  • Sahasrayogam

In Ayurveda, many medicines are available for the treatment of diabetes. Some of the most popular medicines are Nishakathakadi Kashayam, Katakakhadiradi Kashayam, Amla (Gooseberry) Powder or Nellikka Choornam, Triphala and Punarnavadi Kashayam.

Nishakathakadi Kashayam is a decoction prepared from various natural herbs that help to treat diabetes, type 1 and type 2, and its different side effects. It has both antidiabetic and antihyperglycemic properties. It helps to lower the blood sugar level and improve the body’s insulin function that helps to reduce insulin resistance. It helps to prevent various complications that include diabetic nephropathy, neuropathy, and gastroparesis.

It also helps to provide solutions for excessive micturition, a common side effect of diabetes mellitus. The various ingredients present in the concoction also have antioxidizing and anti-inflammatory properties. The Nishakathakadi Kashayam works on the pancreas, kidneys, and urinary bladder, and it offers extensive benefits to patients who have type 2 diabetes. It helps to reduce the cellular resistance that allows the insulin to actively absorb into the cells that in turn helps to improve the insulin in the body.

Various Ingredients Used

The Nishakathakadi Kashayam is one of the best Ayurvedic Medicines For Diabetes, and it consists of various naturally occurring herbs, each of which comes with its benefits.

  • Haridra, also referred to as Curcuma Longa, is scientifically present at a quantity of 625mg.
  • Amla, also known as Embelica officinalis scientifically, is present in a quantity of 625mg.
  • Paranty, as referred to as Ixora Coccinia, is present in a quantity of 625mg.
  • Lodhram, also known as Symplocos racemosa , is present at a quantity of 625mg.
  • Vairi Ekanayakam, also known as Salacia Prinoides, is present in a quantity of 625mg.
  • Useera, also referred to as Vetiveria Zizanoides, is present in a quantity of 625mg.

The various naturally occurring ingredients present in Nishakathakadi Kashayam offers multiple benefits that include:


Haridra or Curcuma Longa has various therapeutic benefits, and it is present as an active ingredient in the Nishakathakadi Kashayam. It comes from the tuberous roots of the turmeric plants, and it helps reduce the insulin resistance that helps to improve the functioning of the beta cells that in turn helps to maintain your sugar levels.


Amla or Embelica officinalis is also known as Indian gooseberry, and it possesses antidiabetic and antioxidizing effects and free radical scavenging properties. It helps to prevent hyperglycemia, diabetic nephropathy, neuropathy, and various other diabetic complications.


Paranty, also referred to as Ixora Coccinia, is one of the potent ingredients used in the best Ayurvedic Medicine For Diabetes. Its aqueous extracts help control the blood sugar level and helps to improve the lipid profile in diabetic patients.

Vairi Ekanayakam

Vairi Ekanayakam, also referred to as Salacia prinoides, is a herb native to India and Sri Lanka. Salacia tea is highly potent for type 2 diabetic patients, and the mugs made from Salacia wood are also actively used by diabetic patients to drink water.


Useera or Vetivera Zizanoides is an active ingredient in Nishakathakadi Kashayam that helps to reduce urinary tract disorder, and it also helps to treat the various side effects of diabetes.

Side Effects of Nishakathakadi Kashayam

There are no side effects of Nisakathakadi Kashayam, but it is best to avoid taking the medication when pregnant or in the lactation period. So in case you plan on intaking it during this period, it is best to consult an ayurvedic doctor.